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104929 - Interloper Upgrade Kit # 1
Condition: Refurbished. Warranty: 30 days. $199.00

Specialty Kit #1

Baby AT motherboard with 3 ISA slots, 3 PCI, Pentium 133 CPU and 16MB RAM


  1. Socket 7 motherboard with 3 PCI, 3 ISA and 4 SIMM sockets. Baby AT form factor.
  2. Intel Pentium 133 CPU
  3. Heatsink
  4. 16MB Memory

The advantage of buying a kit is that the CPU and memory are installed on the motherboard and tested before shipping.

micronics d5 cub socket 7 baby at motherboard with 3 isa slots

Does not include the AT Cables. Some people need them, some don't. If you need them, they are $12 per set and the part # for that is 106120.

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