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115356 - AGI W-EZ001X2A
Condition: New. Warranty: 1 year. $5.20

AGI W-EZ001X2A Video Balun for sale

AGI W-EZ001X2A Video Balun

Pair of Passive Video Balun (RJ45 to CameraBNC) With Pigtail

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Allows transmission of a single video signal up to 600 meters
Transmit a full motion monochrome video signal up to 600meters
Color video signal up to 400 meters
No power required
Built in impedance coupling device and noise filter for interference immunity
Perfect to use as receiver for exceptional interference rejection
Built in highly balanced mode of video transmission to immune interference

Output Connector : RJ-45x1
Cable for RJ-45 : Twisted pair CAT5 


Interface RJ45 to BNC
Package 2 per Package
Weight .1lbs

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