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Home > Networks and Communications > Conventional Networks > Expansion modules > Nortel M12X0 Fiber Expansion NTBB20FB-93

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115613 - Nortel M12X0 Fiber Expansion NTBB20FB-93
Condition: Refurbished. Warranty: 30 days

Norstar M12X0 Fiber Trunk Module For Sale

Norstar M12X0 Fiber Trunk Module (NTBB20FB-93)


M12X0 (NTBB20FB-93)

Norstar 12x0 Features

Add up to 3 more trunk cartridges - Provides 3 additional slots that support all analog trunk cartridges - LS/DS, CI, DID, and E&M
Emergency transfer port - Provides on emergency transfer port for power outages
ISDN-BRI - ISDN BRI cards are supported on Trunk Modules 3 and 4 (2-port expansion) or Trunk Modules 7 and 8 (6 or 12-port expansion)
T1/PRI - Digital trunk interface (DTI) cartridges are supported in slot 1 of first 12x0 Fiber Trunk Module in MICS 5.0 or higher


The Norstar M12X0 Fiber Trunk Module is compatible with all releases of Norstar Modular ICS

To add the Norstar M12X0 Fiber Trunk Module to your Norstar Modular ICS main cabinet, you will need one of the following fiber expansion cartridges:
2-Port Fiber Expansion Cartridge
6-Port Fiber Expansion Cartridge
6-Port Combination Fiber Services Cartridge

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