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Home > Cookware > Direct Sales > Steel Glo Steel Glo® 14oz Stainless Steel Cleaner

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115731 - Steel Glo Steel Glo® 14oz Stainless Steel Cleaner
Condition: New. Warranty: 90 days. $6.22

Steel Glo

The Finest Steel & Copper Cleaner For Gourmet Cookware

Steel & Copper Cleaner biodegradeable

Features a nontoxic powder, anti-tarnish formula that cleans and brightens stainless steel, copper and chrome.

Quickly removes tarnish, heat and food stains with chemical action. Removes hard water stains and mineral deposits.

Steel Glo's unique and safe formula makes your cookware last longer and look like new.Steel & Copper Cleaner biodegradeable

  • Cleans faster (chemically, as well as abrasively)

  • Cleans easier (no hard scrubbing)

  • Non-toxic (biodegradable formula)

  • Leaves an anti-tarnish shield for a brighter, lasting shine

  • Removes hard water crust and film

biodegradeable Steel & Copper Cleaner

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