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117377 - Lian-Li PC-T60B
Condition: New. Warranty: 90 days

Lian Li launched new ATX / Micro-ATX TEST BENCH chassis in 2010¸ designed for users with taste who also need more living space. T60 is made in Taiwan¸ in high quality aluminum alloy panel and unique technique which developed from twenty years experience. Hand built¸ durable high-quality product in high standard craftsmanship..

Lian Li Fine Craftmanship Product

To ensure user can put everything together easily¸ Lian Li designer decided to use only standard PC component inside the T60¸ standard 5.26” optical drive¸ standard 3.5” hard drives¸ standard ATX PS/2 power supply units. The parts are easy to get on current market¸ and it would be easy to upgrade and server in the future.

T60 is a Mini-ITX TEST BENCH system¸ it supports standard Mini-ITX motherboard on the top¸ therefore install this tiny board can be very easy.

The power supply has rubber pads for both insulation and support. reduce vibrations and also secure the PSU without scratching the painted surface.

There are two space for standard 5.25” optical drive above the power supply unit.

T60 features Lian Li patented Anti-virbation HDD cage¸ which allow user to fit three of 3.5"" HDDs. It is easy to use¸ no tool required¸ simply using the special thrumb screw to secure the anti-vibration rubber ring to the HDD¸ and slide the HDD into the cage.

T60 is a ATX / Micro-ATX TEST BENCH¸ it equipped with 8 PCI slots¸ especially in the advent of adding in new graphics cards.

There are two aluminum handles for 2.5"" HDDs beloew the M/B tray¸ allow user to install or remove 2.5""HDD easier.""
Chassis Type: Desktop
Motherboard I/O Expansion Slots: 8

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