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Home > Motherboards and Multi-Media > Multimedia: Video Related Products > PCI Video Cards > Asus r5230-sl-2gd3-l

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167562 - Asus r5230-sl-2gd3-l
Condition: New. Warranty: 90 days. $88.93

asus video card r5230-sl-2gd3-l radeon r5 230 2gb ddr3 64bit pci-express dvi-d/hdmi/vga retail
graphics galore for everyone :
r5 230 is the fantastic new graphics card from asus. engineered with a highly-efficient 0db thermal design¸ it dissipates heat in complete silence making r5 230 the perfect choice for your slimline home-theater pc (htpc) build. advanced emi shielding reduces electromagnetic interference by up to 66% for a stable signal¸ pin-sharp images and safer and healthier computing. and because we know you love to customize¸ use the included gpu tweak software to control video memory¸ voltages and cooling fans and even stream live gameplay in real time
0db silent cooling :
perfect for building a hushed htpc:
exclusive asus-designed heatsinks with large surface areas effectively cool graphics cards passively so absolutely no sound is produced while running - perfect for high definition and silent home theater pcs and multimedia centers.
emi shield :
clearer signals and safer usage:
asus reduces 66% of electromagnetic interference both given off and received by the card - resulting in a more stable signal¸ clearer screen display¸ and a safer¸ healthier computing environment.
gpu tweak with streaming :
real-time intuitive graphics tuning :
shows detailed specs and actual card status with gpu-z
sync gpu clocks and voltages for easier overclocking
monitoring widget provides real-time detailed multi-parameter info
automatically checks and updates drivers and bios versions
stream on-screen action to the web in full hd""

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