How to install an internal CDRW (CD Burner/Writer).

Accessory kits and tools needed are sometimes included and sometimes not.  This is what you will need.

(1) EIDE cable (Preferably a two device cable).
(1) Audio cable (4-Pin, Analog)
(4) Mounting Screws
Phillips Head Screw Driver
CD Burning Software

1) Before installing any device it's a good idea to check your current configuration.

Primary > Primary Master (Device 0)
Primary > Primary Slave (Device 1)

Secondary > Secondary Master (Device 2)
Secondary > Secondary Slave (Device 3)

After locating a empty space for your device now you should set the jumper on the back of the device accordingly (Whether the device is Master/Slave).

2) Now mount the CDRW into a open 5.25" Bay and screw the device into the drive cage.

3) Connect the IDE Ribbon Cable, 4-Pin Molex (5v Power) connection from the power supply, and if available the analog audio cable from the sound card.

Back outline of a generic IDE CDRW, please use your own drive for an exact reference.

Trouble-shooting Tips:

Check the BIOS POST Screen to see if the drive is being detected on the IDE Channel you've installed it on.  (If the POST is too fast to see you can use the "Pause" button on the keyboard to "Pause" the screen.  Usally hit "Esc" to unpause.)

After installing the device check the "Device Manager" to verify the device is labeled under "CDROM/DVD" or "CD-ROM".

Make sure the red line (Pin 1) on the IDE Cable is closest to Pin 1 on the device.


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