IBM ThinkPad 760, 765 Series (UltraBay) Changing Devices

Please do not attach/remove devices while the laptop is powered on.  Detach the AC Adapter and verify that the laptop is off before continuing with the instructions below.

The two side tabs that you pull to open the LCD Display
of the laptop can be pushed allowing the keyboard to rise
so that you have access to swap the drives.

Once you have the keyboard raised you will now have
access to your CD-ROM/Floppy, Battery, and Hard Drive
(Shown from left to right).

3) To remove the installed device locate the blue flags
towards the back of the device.  Carefully pull upwards
on the flags to disconnect the device.

4) Attach the new device by aligning the front of the
drive and then pressing down on the back of the drive
to connect it to the controller.


The IBM UltraBay allows the interchangeable use of the following:

1) The diskette drive
2) A second hard drive (Requires additional hardware)
3) A second Li-Ion battery
4) IBM PCMCIA cartridge (which allows an additional Type III PCMCIA card to be used)
5) On many models a CD-ROM drive is also supported.


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