Abit AB-ZM6

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abit zm6 motherboard



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ZM6 Socket 370 AGP Based ATX Mainboard With CPU SOFT MENUTM II Technology

The ZM6 introduces a new dimension in the power/performance versus cost equation for mainboards. Utilizing Intel's top of the line, cost-down chipset, the ZX, ABIT ®is able to offer an incredibly powerful yet cost effective solution for the socket 370 platform that out-shines the competition in features and performance.

Abit ZM6
Supports Socket 370 Intel ® Celeron ® processor (Based on 66/100MHz clock)
Intel ® 440ZX(66/100MHz) AGPset
Supports Ultra DMA/33 IDE protocol
Supports Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI)
Supports AGP 1X/2X
Three 168-pin DIMM sockets support SDRAM module
Supports up to 256MB MAX. (8, 16, 32, 64, 128,256MB SDRAM)
CPU SOFT MENUTM II eliminates the need for jumpers or DIP switches needed to set CPU parameters
Award Plug and Play BIOS supports APM, DMI
Write-Protect Anti-Virus function by AWARD BIOS
Year 2000 Compliant Multi I/O
One Floppy port connector supporting up to 2.88MB floppy drive and 3 mode floppy drive
Two channels of bus master IDE ports connectors for up to four IDE devices
One Built-in Standard/EPP/ECP parallel port connector
Two Built-in 16550 fast UART compatible serial port connectors
Built-in PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse ports connectors
Built-in two USB port connectors
Built-in standard IrDA TX/RX header
Built-in Wake On Lan header
Built-in SB-LinkTM hearder
Built-in Wake on Ring header
ATX form factor
One AGP slot, Five PCI slots and Two ISA slots
Hardware monitoring - Included fan speed, voltages, CPU and system environment temperature
Supports Keyboard and Mouse Wake Up
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