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100806 - Asus MES-N
Condition: New . Warranty:90 days . $250.00

Asus MES-N Motherboard, NLX motherboard, socket 370

Asus MES-N Motherboard

Socket 370 NLX motherboard

  • Processor
    Socket 370 Platform for PPGA Intel CeleronTM 300~500+MHz processors.
  • Cache
    CPU built-in with 512K/256K/128K/0K Level 2 cache.
  • Asus MES-N Chipset
    Intel AGPset
    SiS 620 AGPset.
  • Memory
    2 x DIMM sockets for supporting up to 512MB Intel PC100-compliant SDRAMs in total.
  • Onboard AGP VGA (optional)
    SiS 620 Built-in PCI VGA with 8MB SDRAM.
  • Onboard PCI Audio (optional)
    Yamaha 3D PCI Audio with AC ' 97 CODEC (Optional)
  • 100/10Mbps Onboard LAN (optional)
    Intel 82559 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Controller Supports Wake-On LAN
  • Onboard PCI IDE
    Dual UltraDMA/66 IDE Ports.
    ATAPI IDE CD-ROM & LS-120 Supported
  • PC Health Monitoring (optional)
    Hardware Monitoring ASIC supports CPU Voltage, Fan Status, and System Temperature Detection
    ASUS PC Probe Utility Bundled
  • Asus MES-N Expansion Slots
    2 x 32-bit PCI Slot
    1 x 16-bit ISA Slot (Share with PCI)
    Onboard I/O
    2 x Serial Port
    1 x Parallel Port (ECP, EPP support)
    1 x Floppy Port (3 Mode, up to 2.88MB)
    1 x USB Port (Support Hot-Plug Function)
    1 x PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse
    1 x VGA Port
    1 x Audio Port
  • Enhanced ACPI BIOS
    Award BIOS with Enhanced ACPI feature for PC '98/ Windows 98 Compliance, DMI, Green, Plug & Play, Features Plus Symbios SCSI.
    2M-bit Flash EEPROM.
  • Asus MES-N Board Size
    NLX Form Factor with size : 20.3cm x 28.7cm (8" x 11.3")
asus mes-n motherboard, asus mes-n nlx motherboard, socket 370

Asus MES-N motherboard, NLX form factor

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