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106055 - Acer XP Mantara
Condition: New . Warranty:90 days .

Acer XP Mantara Square Driver - head only. Titanium driver clubhead...

Acer XP Mantara Square Driver

Head Only

square driver, acer xp mantara square driver, 460 cc beta titanium driver

Bold, symmetrical, sleek, powerful ... and straight

Face: 6-4 Titanium
Body: 100% Titanium
Finish: Royal Blue

  • Bold, symmetrical, sleek and powerful.

  • Inspired by the enormous, but graceful manta ray, the clubhead takes on a "square-like" shape. Why? All in an effort to move more weight further from the center of gravity (or out toward the outermost perimeter of the head) creating a slightly high moment of inertia over a traditional shaped driver. In layman's terms it is to provide a straighter, more accurate shot off the tee.

  • The large 460cc head with multi-sculpted crown and sole will catch the eyes of your playing partner's and boost your confidence at address.

  • See first-hand how the shape of woods in the future can help you play better today.

  • Available RH 10.5 and 12 degrees, LH 10.5 degrees.

  • Please note: This is a clubhead only. Does not include shaft or grip. It is for those who like to assemble their own clubs.

Better equipment = Lower Scores

Loft Lie Head
Weight (gms)
Height (mm)
Volume (cc)
Length (in)
10.5 59 198 1 closed 59 460 45 RH/LH
12 59 198 1 closed 59 460 45 RH

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