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Home > Motherboards and Multi-Media > Motherboards: For Intel CPUs > Socket 775/479/478/423 > Supermicro Super P4STA

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106873 - Supermicro Super P4STA
Condition: Refurbished . Warranty:30 days .

Supermicro Super P4STAmotherboard

Supermicro Super P4STA

Processor Support Intel 423-pin Pentium 4 FC-PGA, 1.3-2.0GHz
Chipset Intel 850 chipset
Front Side Bus 400 MHz
Memory Dual Channel 600/800 MHz RDRAM with Transfer Rate up to 3.2 GB/s
Four 184-pin RIMMs for 600/800 MHz RDRAM up to 2 GB
Two Rambus Inline memory modules of the same memory size are the minimum requirement.
(Memory recommendation list)
I/O Expansion 5 32-bit, 33 MHz PCI bus mastering slots
1 4xAGP Pro 1.5V
Onboard Devices Dual Ultra DMA (UDMA/100MB/s)
Burst data transfer rate supports UDMA Mode 5, PIO Mode 4, ATAPI
AC97' Audio (OEM optional)
Up to 4 USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports (2 onboard and another 2 by optional cable and CNR card)
PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse connectors
2 fast UART 16550 compatible serial ports
1 ECP/EPP parallel port
1 Infrared port
1 floppy port
Chassis Compatibility ATX Chassis

Soyo makes quality motherboards for the Intel Pentium and the Intel Pentium II CPU's. Even though Soyo makes quality motherboards, they are not priced too high. Soyo quality motherboards will certainly fit your budget.

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