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107262 - Tyan S1867DLU3AN
Condition: New- Retail Box . Warranty:90 days . $850.00

Tyan Thunder 2500 S1867DLU3AN Motherboard - Horizontal EATX motherboard.

Tyan Thunder 2500 S1867DLU3AN Motherboard

Pentium III processor, slot 1,PCI buses ,SCSI, AGP Pro,ServerWorks (RCC) , onboard audio, LAN, mainboards

  • Special Features:
    • Dual Channel Ultra2 or Ultra160 LVD SCSI
      Symbios 896 with Bus Mastering up to 15 devices
      Channel A: One 68-pin connector
      Channel B: One 68-pin connector
      A dedicated PCI slot available to support low-cost, intelligent RAID controller, RAID 0, 1, and 5.
  • BIOS:
    • Phoenix BIOS on 2 Mb flash ROM
      Auto detection of memory size
      Auto configuration of IDE hard disk types
      Multiple boot options
      DMI 2.0 / PC 99 compliant
      No ACPI support

  • Industrial Standard:
    • FCC DoC (Declaration of Conformity)
      European Community CE (Declaration of Conformity)

  • Rear Panel I/O Ports:
    • Stacked (2) Mouse / Keyboard ports
    • Stacked (2) USB (support Win98 only)
    • RJ-45 with LED ports
    • Stacked Line-In / Line-Out / Mic-In / MIDI ports
    • PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard ports
  • Internal I/O Interface:
    • SMC 37B787 Super I/O chip
    • Two 9-pin 16550 UART Serial ports
    • One 25-pin ECP / Epp Parallel port
    • Floppy Controller

Motherboard Specifications

  • Model:
    • Tyan Thunder 2500 S1867DLU3AN Motherboard
  • Processor Support:
    • Dual Intel Slot1 Supports Pentium III processor 350 to 933 MHz
    • Dual Integrated VRM complies to spec 8.4
  • Chipset:
    • ServerWorks (RCC) Sever Set III HE
      Up to 4 drives; two 40-pin IDE connectors (primary / secondary)

  • FSB:
    • Support for 100 / 133 MHz CPU bus speed

  • Memory:
    • Eight 168-pin DIMM sockets
    • Supports maximum of 8GB PC133 REGISTERED DIMM ONLY
    • ECC memory support via core logic
  • Expansion Slots:
    • One 2x / Pro AGP slot
    • Four 64-bit/ 33MHz PCI slots
    • Two 64-bit/ 66MHz 3.3V PCI slots

  • On-Board Audio:
    • Ensoniq 1373 PCI Sound
      Ensoniq AC'97 Codec
      Sound Blaster Compatible 16-bit Stereo
      Line-in, Line-out, MIC and Game / MIDI ports
      4-pin CD-ROM audio header
      4-pin Telephony header
      4-pin Video audio header
      Sound drivers for Win 2000 & NT
  • On-Board LAN:
    • Intel 82559 10/100Mb NIC
      3-pin Wake on LAN
      Alert on LAN II support (optional)
  • Form Factor:
    • Extended ATX footprint (12" x 13")
      Eight-Layer board
      Two 20-pin ATX power connector

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