107400 - Baby AT socket 7 motherboard. VXPro chipset. 4PCI, 3ISA, 4SIMM and 2DIMM sockets. 2 serial, 1 parallel port headers. Motherboard only.
Condition: Refurbished, Warranty: 30 days
By Matsonic
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Matsonic M537 Motherboard

Motherboard Image

Motherboard Specifications

Matsonic M537 motherboard, socket 7 baby at motherboard

Motherboard Model:
Matsonic M537
CPU Support:
Intel Pentium 75~233 MHz Pentium, Cyrix 6x86, Cyrix MX and AMD K5/K6

On-Board Cache:
System Memory:
4 SIMM sockets

2 DIMM sockets
Expansion Slots:
4 PCI slots
3 ISA slots
Multi-I/O chip supports:
2 PCI Enhanced IDE Ports (Supports 4 Devices PIO 0-4)
2 High Speed Serial Ports (16550 UART Compatible)
1 Enhanced Parallel Port (SPP, EPP, ECP capable)
1 Floppy Drive Port (Supports 2 Floppy Drives)

Form Factor & Dimensions:
Baby AT form factor
8.6" x 8.7"
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