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110362 - Acer Mantara XL
Condition: New . Warranty:90 days .

Acer Mantara XL Square Head Driver.

Acer Mantara XL

Square Head Driver

square driver, acer xp mantara xl square driver, 460 cc beta titanium driver

acer x class graphite shaft, weight 68 grams, low torque 5.0 mid torque for acer mantara square driver

Bold, symmetrical, sleek, powerful ... and straight

Face: 6-4 Titanium
Body: 100% Titanium
Finish: Royal Blue

Would you like to read reviews on how the Acer Mantara XL fared in comparative tests. Click Here.

  • Bold, symmetrical, sleek and powerful.

  • Inspired by the enormous, but graceful manta ray, the clubhead takes on a "square-like" shape. Why? All in an effort to move more weight further from the center of gravity (or out toward the outermost perimeter of the head) creating a slightly high moment of inertia over a traditional shaped driver. This makes the Mantara more resistant to twisting at impact resulting in straighter, more accurate shots off the tee.

  • Featuring the same radical square design as the original Mantara, the XL version is broader from front-to-back (8mm), but slightly shallower (4mm) to retain the 460cc limit. This moves the center of gravity not only further back, but lower as well. This helps to maximize the moment of inertia, resulting in less twisting on off-center shots, making it quite possibly our most forgiving driver to date.

  • The easy to align aerodynamic profile is constructed from a 6-4 titanium face and a thin, lightweight titanium crown, skirt and soleplate.

  • Conforms with USGA Rules.

  • The large 460cc head with multi-sculpted crown and sole will catch the eyes of your playing partner's and boost your confidence at address.

  • See first-hand how the shape of woods in the future can help you play better today.

  • Available RH in 10.5 and 12 degrees.

  • Choice of shafts - see section below.

Better equipment = Lower Scores

square driver, acer xp mantara square driver, 460 cc beta titanium driver square driver, acer xp mantara square driver, 460 cc beta titanium driver square driver, acer xp mantara square driver, 460 cc beta titanium driver

Loft Lie Head
Weight (gms)
Height (mm)
Volume (cc)
Length (in)
10.5 58 198 square 55 460 45 RH
12 58 198 square 55 460 45 RH


Before you select the shaft to go with the Mantara XL Square clubhead please read the following write up. It will help you select the right shaft.

  • The shaft is the engine of your driver. It does not matter how expensive a clubhead you have - if the shaft is not right for your swing, the results will not be satisfactory.

  • The faster your clubhead speed at impact, the greater the distance. To maximize club head speed and distance, you should play the lightest shaft you can without losing control. The key here is 'without losing control'. A 300 yard drive is of no use if it is out of bounds.

  • Ball flight is affected by several factors like loft, ball position, angle of attack and wrist position at time of impact. A tip flexible shaft can help increase launch angle while a stronger tip can help produce a penetrating ball flight.

  • Lighter weight shafts in general are more active than heavier shafts. All things being equal a lighter shaft will give you longer distance on center hits. It will be off more on off-center hits. Take into consideration how stable your swing is. The more stable and accurate your swing and swing path, the lighter the shaft you should consider. The more load you apply to the shaft at the last quarter of the swing, the lower the torque and heavier the shaft needs to be.

  • Newton's Second Law:
    Newton's second law is one of the laws of physics that applies to golf.
    F = m a
    I = m r2
    T = (m r2 ) A

    F=force, m=mass, A=rotational acceleration, a=linear acceleration, r=radius, I=inertia, T=torque

  • Moment of Inertia (MOI):
    MOI is the term applied to a clubhead's resistance to twisting when the ball is struck. It is more important on off center hits. If you hit the ball on the toe of the clubhead, a clubhead with a higher MOI will twist less as a result of the miss hit, creating a better chance that the ball will still go straight or at least not deviate too much from it's intended path.

  • Torque:
    Torque is a shaft's resistance to twisting during a golf swing. A higher torque rating means the shaft twists more and too much torque can lead to the head turning.

  • The longer the shaft, the bigger the head or the heavier the club head, the higher the moment of inertia. The higher the MOI, the higher the torsional load applied to the shaft. Therefore, if you are using a big head or an extra long shaft and have a high swing speed, you need to consider using a lower torque shaft to compensate for the extra load applied to the shaft.

Here are the shaft options we have configured for you.

Driver Swing
Speed (MPH)
Yards with Driver
Suggested Shaft Weight
Torque Ball
Shaft Flex
75-85 210 Synchron ZT Featherlight 60 6.5 High A/L/R/S None
synchron featherlight zt graphite shaft with a weight of 60 grams and a torque of 6.5

For young boys and girls, seniors and ladies who may have a slow but smooth swing

85-95 230 Aldila VX 87 5.0 Mid-High R/S None
impex ultra light graphite shaft with a weight of 67 grams and 5.0 torque

For men and women who have a fast but smooth swing and prefer a heavier shaft

85-95 230 Acer X Class Orange 68 5.0 Mid A/L/R/S None
acer x class graphite shaft, weight 68 grams, low torque 5.0 mid torque for acer mantara square driver

For men and women who have a fast and smooth swing and prefer a lightweight shaft for faster swing speed. This is the default.

95-105 250 True Ace Green Ghost 67 3.5 Low-Mid R/S +$14
true ace green ghost high quality graphite shaft with a weight of 67 gms and torque of 3.5

For those who have a fast swing and need a lower torque shaft to avoid twisting

105-115 270 True Ace Blue Crush 62 2.9 Mid R/S +$22
true ace blue crush graphite shaft with a torque of 2.9 and just 62 grams weight

For strong hitters who really whack the ball and require very low torque to avoid twisting

*A = Active (young boys, seniors), L = Ladies, R = Regular, S = Stiff, X = Extra Stiff

The swing speed to distance ratios above are not related to this driver or shaft. These are averages, i.e., an average person with this swing speed will hit the ball so far with an average driver on center hits. We hope with this driver and the right shaft, you will do better.


When making payment, in the comments/notes section of the order form, mention your preferences for driver loft, shaft make/model and flex. Otherwise, the default will be shipped which is the Acer Mantara XL driver, right hand 12 loft with the Acer X Class Orange shaft in regular flex.

Grip: Karakal X-Tack Red/Black grip

karakal xtrack red and black grip for the acer mantara square head driver

The grip plays an important role in maintaining a steady but firm hold on the club. The square head and preferred shaft is of no use if your hands cannot maintain proper control of the club. The X-Tack is more expensive than stock grips but we believe saving a few dollars on the grip won't help you maintain consistency in your swing. The X-tack is manufactured with a combination of polyurethane and fiber layers which makes the grip feel firm but comfortable and provides shock absorption. The final polyurethane coating insures a long lasting tacky feel even in wet conditions. The red and black color goes very well with the rest of the club.

Core Size(in): 0.600 Weight(g): 42


In case we have confused you, you will get a complete driver that includes the Mantara XL Square head, a shaft of your choice and the Karakal X-Tack grip, fully assembled. All the above write up is to give you a better understanding of what you are getting. You are not ordering parts but a complete driver assembled with the shaft of your choice.

Questions & Customization:

We can customize the shaft flex, length, type and grips. If you have customization requirements or a related question, feel free to contact us.

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