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110364 - Power Play System Q2
Condition: New . Warranty:90 days .

Power Play System Q2 driver. 460cc Titanium driver - Square Faced driver with removable weights and superb aesthetics...

Interloper Golf Presents

The 'System Q2'

- Square face design with superb aesthetics

460 cc titanium driver, power play system q2 square driver, square head,

Distance and control

Face: 6/4 Titanium
Body: 100% Titanium

Shaft: True Ace Blue Crush. Weight: 62 grams. Torque: 2.9. Flex: Regular (default). Also available in Stiff Flex.

true ace blue crush graphite shaft with a torque of 2.9 and just 62 grams weight

It comes equipped with the True Ace Blue Crush Graphite Shaft. The lightweight True Ace Blue Crush is specifically designed with an ultra-low torque which provides tip stable performance for large headed drivers. That's what we used in testing this club (read reviews). The blue crush has a low torque of 2.9, lightweight at only 62 grams and goes very well with this club. It is a little bit pricier than shafts like the Aldilla VX, the Powerflex FW-114 and Powerflex FW-501 but delivers good consistent performance. It is lighter - that translates to faster clubhead speed - that translates to longer drives. It has very low torque - that translates to less twisting at impact - that translates to straighter drives.

If your swing speed is 110 or higher, you may want to go with Stiff flex. If between 100 to 110, regular may be a better flex. If you go with a flex that is too stiff for you, the club won't respond and feel dead in your hands. Many golfers (young men especially) feel they have to have the stiffest shaft possible. Not a good idea as you loose the oomph provided by the shaft.

Not sure what your swing speed is? You can rent or buy the Swing Speed Radar - a very useful gadget.


If your swing speed is less than 100, or you are a senior, a junior or a lady golfer, let us know and we can switch you to a different shaft that will be more responsive to your swing. No extra charge. Just email or call us and we'll be glad to help. The shaft is the engine of your driver. It does not matter how expensive a clubhead you have - if the shaft is not right for your swing, the results will not be satisfactory.

We have a nice little write up on this subject. Click here to read it before making your decision. If you decide to go with one of the shafts listed in this write up, just let us know. No extra charge.

We don't just sell the clubs - we test them and we play with them. We test them on the range and then put them into play to get a very good feel for them. We have put a lot of thought and time in configuring this club by matching the right head with the right shaft and grip without making it too expensive. Put our upfront work to your advantage. Now you can go for those 300 yard drives without a second mortgage.

Would you like to read a review of how this club fared in comparative testing? Click Here.

System Q2 driver. 460cc Titanium driver - Square Faced driver with removable weights power play system q2 square driver, square head,

Adjustable weights to suit your swing


  • The Power Play System Q line includes three drivers, the Power Play System Q quad screws, the System Q Tri Port, and now the System Q2. They have distinct advantages for the weekend golfer who does not have the time to work with an instructor and iron out kinks in his swing. These clubs compensate for swing tendencies and gives you a game you can live with.

  • If you struggle with trajectory, that is you cannot get the ball high enough to get decent carry distance, then the System Q Quad or Tri Port is the club for you. You can have heavier screws in the rear of the club head and that will shift the center of gravity to the rear of the club head resulting in a higher trajectory. Conversely, if you have too high a trajectory, you can use lighter screws. The System Q2 does not offer rear screws. Instead, it has been designed such that more weight has been moved back to give you a higher trajectory.

  • If your problem is not trajectory but you slice or hook, then all three drivers will be of great help. You can change the screw in the toe to a heavier screw and get a fade and reverse for a draw. If you are playing a course that has many dog leg right holes, you may change the screw weights around for that day to get a fade bias for that day without tinkering with your swing.

  • The System Q2 has a square face design while the System Q has the traditional cone design. The large footprint of the Q2 coupled with additional material in the rear corners formed by the square shape, combine to produce superb perimeter weighting. All this adds up to a higher moment of inertia designed to hit the ball straighter over the entire face. You will have a better chance of getting the ball on to the fairway and away from trouble.

  • The square face design technology has one major objective - get the ball moving on a straighter path on off center hits. Whether it's the Nike Sasquach or similar drivers from Callaway, Titleist and others, the objective is the same. The screws just provide you additional flexibility to tailor the driver to your swing. And that makes the System Q2 popular with the cerebral type of golfers who like to adjust their clubs as best as they can.

  • As shipped, the club is equipped with a 3g screw in the toe and a 10g screw in the heel ports for a draw bias. Additional screws (4, 6, 8 and 12g) are available to provide 36 different weight combinations.

  • The System Q2 has great aesthetics too. It is one of those clubs that makes people say 'Would you mind if I take a look at your driver'. If it looks good and plays good, what's not to like.

System Q2 driver. power play 460cc Titanium driver - Square Faced driver with removable weights
Hit it long - hit it straight

  • Maxed-out 460cc body further provides power and forgiveness.

  • The thin beta titanium face provides maximum rebound - translates to greater distance.

System Q2 driver. 460cc Titanium driver - Square Faced driver with removable weights power play system q2 square driver, square head,

Loft Lie Head
Weight (gms)
10.5 58 200 0.5 closed 53mm 460cc 45" RH/LH

Default Grip: Comes with the Winn Xi7 XF AVS V17 Black/Red Grip

Winn Xi7 XF AVS V17 Black/Red Grip for the higher swing speeds

Designed for higher swing speeds, the new Xi7 features a highly textured, firm feel with optimum torque resistance resulting in a cord-like feel while minimizing hand-wear and fatigue.

Winn Xi7 XF AVS V17
Core Size(in): 0.600
Weight(g): 50

Alternate Grip: DSi AVS V17 Black/Red Grip

DSi AVS V17 Black/Red Grip softer comfortable grip. Ideal for light weight shafts and big head drivers

For players who prefer a soft, comfortable grip with all-weather playability. The new Dura-Soft Integration (DSi) grip line utilizes Winn's V17 material to deliver both comfort and performance.

Winn DSi AVS V17
Core Size(in): 0.600
Weight(g): 50

You can choose either grip, no extra charge. Same look on both. One is firmer, one is softer. The Xi7 XF AVS V17 is the default.


In case we have confused you, you will get a fully assembled driver that includes the head, the shaft and the grip. All the above write up is to give you a better understanding of what you are getting and how it may impact your game.

When making payment, mention your preferences in the comments / notes section of the payment/order form. We will build accordingly.

Questions & Customization:

We can customize the shaft flex, length, type and grips. If you have customization requirements or a related question, feel free to contact us.

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