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110587 - Long John Twitter
Condition: New . Warranty:60 days . $32.99

Best Book on Twitter for business use, non-profit, politics, activism - Long John Twitter - The complete guide book on Twitter

Twitter guide book for businesses, non-profits, activists and politicians

Learn to use Twitter for:

  • Marketing

  • Customer service

  • Customer feedback

  • Company Communications

  • Political activism

The more followers you have on Twitter, the more influence you have

Companies like Dell and Whoot.com are earning Millions of Dollars on Twitter, leveraging tens of thousands of customers ready to buy at a moments notice. The famed Guy Kawasaki has called Twitter.com "a weapon." What do these marketing elites know that you don't? Find out.

Author: Najeeullah Khan

Some of the smart things you'll learn:

  • How not to turn off people

  • How to keep your followers engaged and involved

  • How to follow the right people

  • How to drop those that are not right for you.

  • Understand your Twitter ranking statistically and graphically

  • Separate your followers by relevance, by interest or by any other way you want to classify them

  • Measure and monitor your Twitter relevance

  • Do your tweets gain or loose you followers

  • How soon do your tweets generate relevant traffic

  • Does re-tweeting help you?

  • Get a digest of relevant keywords emailed to you

  • Which topics are hot right now

  • Which URL's are hot right now

  • Why does it matter?

  • How is your competitor doing

  • How is the industry leader doing

  • How do you compare?

  • Compare, monitor, adjust and fine tune.

  • Create a panel on your blog / website displaying your tweets

  • Link your website / blog to your Twitter account

  • Run a quick poll

  • View and follow people based on geographical location or by interest

  • Understand RSS

  • Understand Bit.ly

  • Understand news alerts and news feders

  • Create a micro news agency

  • Gather newsworthy content for your news agency - automatically

  • Feed content to your followers on auto pilot

  • Automatically abbreviate the headlines in your content

  • Automatically shorten the links in your content

  • Discover the optimum number of tweets a day your followers can absorb from you

  • Gain followers while you sleep

  • Is Seesmic better than TweekDeck

  • Share photos

  • Share videos

  • What's the best way to send sales and specials to followers

  • Share links on Twitter and find out how many people clicked on those links

  • Where did the clicks originate from

  • How quickly do people click on your links.

  • Send a tweet to Twitter and facebook

  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts

  • Schedule tweets on multiple accounts

  • Set up an auto welcome message for followers

  • Get stock alerts

  • Help your favorite charity or cause

  • Monitize your network i.e., make money of it.

If you don't use this eBook, you will need a staff of three to four people to do all of the above. With the help of Long John Twitter, you can do it all spending just a few hours to get set up and then let it run.

Plus it doesn't end here. Through our webinars, blog, Twitter and emails, we will keep you abreast of new ideas, new tools and new applications.

Now isn't that a great deal!

Long John Twitter

How to profit from the Twitter Phenomenon.

19 million and counting

The New York Times calls Twitter "one of the fastest-growing phenomena on the Internet." TIME Magazine says, "Twitter is on its way to becoming the next killer app," and Newsweek noted that "Suddenly, it seems as though all the world's a-twitter."

Explode your Twitter followings and get a leg up on competition.

How will this eBook help you? Long John Twitter will help you:

  • Build a communications hub that gathers information. You set the filters and then it gathers pertinent information from news sites all over the world (imagine the time it saves if you were to do it manually). It works like a micro news agency without any manpower.

  • The system then feeds the information to your Twitter followers by itself. You set up the intervals and the number of tweets per interval and it does the rest by itself.

  • Your followers get familiar with you as now they get regular streams of information, not about your business but about their fields of interest.

  • It builds confidence and strengthens your relationship with them.

  • That in turn creates more followers as your existing followers keep re-tweeting you to others and soon it starts snowballing.

  • In between, you mix in your business messages with links to your pages. You can set these on auto pilot too.

  • The links are trackable. So you know how many people clicked on them and what countries the clicks originated from. This feedback loop is very important for you as a business as it gives you the opportunity to monitor the effectiveness of your tweets, improve your messages and/or web pages to improve conversions.

  • Build a two way relationship with people

  • Establish regular and consistent contact

  • Your followers will like you as you make life a little easier for them

  • That enhances goodwill and your sphere of influence grows

  • Grow your Twitter Followers exponentially. The more followers you have, the better.

  • Leverage your influence to keep your followers informed and involved with your products and services

  • You'll end up growing your customer base

  • You'll keep your customers loyal and competition at bay

  • Win-Win for both sides

PC world reports that 'just in the past two months, Twitter traffic has grown by 5 million worldwide visitors'. Now these are new visitors. Just imagine if out of these 5 million new users every two months, you grab just a tiny share every month.

Don't get left behind. Get on with the Twitter phenomenon.

Long John Twitter is a book on marketing, not just on Twitter. You will learn invaluable marketing techniques and strategies. Learn, implement, monitor, adjust and fine tune your marketing.

As the old saying goes, a rising tide floats all boats. Take advantage of the growing Twitter market and get your boat floating with Long John Twitter.

How many followers should you have? That is entirely up to you. As the book states, 5 million are joining every two months, and this trend is rising, how many would you like to claim? If you are a company with products and services, your use of Twitter as a business tool would be different as you will be focused on improving sales and customer service. For publishers of content, the Twitter for business model is different. The focus is on increasing followers, building a relationship and as your followers explode, leverage them into Pay Per Click, Pay per view, Pay per lead and Pay per sale. You may become the vehicle that advertisers want to sell through.

As mentioned earlier, Long John Twitter is not just a book about Twitter, it's a book about marketing, it's about how a marketer's mind thinks and how you can become an invaluable asset to other advertisers.

Long John Twitter is the best book on Twitter for business with detailed screen shot by screen shot explanations that will get you up and running in a matter of hours.

Buyers are also provided links to blogs, webinars and videos for continuing education. It is an evolving field. Stay informed.

Price: $32.99

Unconditional Money Back guarantee: If for whatever reason, you think this eBook was not good value, return it within 6o days for a full no questions asked refund.

Your Step by step detailed treasure map that takes you from the very basics of Twitter to the very advanced. Whether you are a business or a politician, a non-profit or an activist, this book will help you achieve your objectives: You will learn:

  • Advanced Apps: Analytics and metrics to see how you are doing now.

  • Devise a monitoring system to chart your progress.

  • How to Adjust and fine tune your strategies.

  • How to exponentially increase your Twitter followers. The more followers you have, the more influence you have.

  • How to build a massive communications hub that gathers information, feeds it to your followers and strengthens your relationship with them. That in turn creates more followers as your existing followers keep re-tweeting you to others and soon it starts snowballing.

  • If you are serious about establishing a strong presense in the realm of social media, boosting your profits and enhancing your sphere of influence and prestige, this book is for you.

Using the techniques explained in the eBook Long John Twitter, you will learn how effective your tweets are. You will learn how to track your links so you can see for real how many people clicked on the links. If it is working, great. If the click rate is not good, you can change your message. In either case, you will know exactly what's happening. This is a useful skill for monitoring your other businesses also.

Many of you have day jobs and don't have time to sit in front of a computer and keep adding followers manually all day long. You don't have to. You will learn how to get set up so you get new followers day and night - literally while you sleep. It's a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning and find that you've added hundreds of new followers while you were sleeping.

You don't have to re-invent the wheel. Everything you need to do is in the book with detailed screen by screen instructions on how to set things up. In addition, through our webinars, blog, newsletter and email, you will get to learn about new tools as they become available.

You will not only put yourself in a position to start making money immediately, you will also end up with a system that you can leverage for anything. Want to launch a political campaign, help a non-profit, raise money for charity, take up a cause? Whatever you want to do, you will have a mechanism to create a following, keep your followers engaged by feeding them pertinent information, and as your influence grows, your rate of gathering followers will further increase - like a snowball.

Remember Twitter recently changed its policy so you cannot just follow hundreds of thousands of people blindly. So all those who were just sitting there all day and adding followers can no longer do so. Twitter now requires that you have a very close balance between followers and followings. That makes it very important to do it the right way so that people follow you back otherwise you won't be able to add more people. You will also learn how to cull non-followers periodically so they are not taking up valuable spots in your followings.

Your micro news agency will provide relevant content to your followers on automatic so they will stay engaged. As their confidence grows in you, they will start re-tweeting you and that will generate you additional followers and strengthen your influence.

If you don't do this right now, a few months later you will regret it. This could be the best money you ever spent. Twitter is exploding and the rest of the world is taking notice. As it gains strength in Europe and Asia, it's rate of growth will further increase. Shouldn't you take advantage and make some money. Ride the tide.

As soon as you complete your order, you will get a link to download the eBook. Download the eBook, read, learn and implement. It's that easy. If you need help, we provide support via email, twitter and through our blog.

In addition to the book, you will also get access to related videos, updates, new apps, webinars and blogs to keep you moving forward in your quest for constant contact with your customers.

Once your followers reach the multiple of thousands, we will show you how to generate pay per click and pay per action additional revenues. This is a very powerful marketing system. Harness it to grow your business.

Wed, April 08, 2009 PC World Twitter traffic is up 700 percent over last year, and it's all thanks to the old-timers. That's according to the latest numbers from ComScore, which says Twitter drew almost 10 million visitors worldwide in February 2009. In the past two months alone, Twitter traffic has grown by 5 million worldwide visitors, while U.S. Twitter traffic accounted for 4 million visitors in February 2009--a 1000 percent jump over last year.

When you read such statistics, don't you feel like grabbing a little piece of the action for yourself? A lot of money is made when an industry is in its growth phase. As hundreds of thousands of new people join Twitter, you have a chance of making money and generate goodwill at the same time.

Price: $32.99

Unconditional Money Back guarantee: If for whatever reason, you think this eBook was not good value, return it within 6o days for a full no questions asked refund.

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