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Home > Golf > Hot Deals > Returns/Demo > Acer XP 905 # 3 hybrid club

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111017 - Acer XP 905 # 3 hybrid club
Condition: Used . Warranty:30 days .

Acer XP 905 hybrid iron, rescue club, utility iron, steel shaft, optional graphite shaft. Hit long and straight. Single clubs , rescue clubs, utility iron, steel shaft, optional graphite shaft. Hit long and straight....

This is a Demo Club that we used only for testing and comparisons purposes. Barely used for a few rounds of golf and an hour on the testing range. It's almost brand new but does have scuff marks on the crown. # 3 hybrid club, 19 loft, fitted with the Apollo Shadow steel shaft, regular flex and spine aligned. MSRP $34.99. That's more than half off.

Acer XP 905

Traditional design - Easy to hit, long and accurate

Material: Stainless Steel

  • Easier to hit than irons
  • Better ball trajectory
  • More forgiving
  • Traditional looking design.
  • Neither too big, nor too small. Looks like a miniaturized fairway wood.
  • The Acer XP905 Hybrids sport a unique beveled-cut sole design which helps to redistribute weight for optimal launch.
  • The sole design also provides precision accuracy as the weight is moved further back from the face.
  • If you are having trouble with long irons, these XP 905 Hybrids will help you get the ball off the ground with ease and your shots will be straighter and longer.
  • Wider face gives you a larger hitting surface.
  • The higher MOI helps you on miss hits. You may hit the ball on the toe or heel of the club and it will still go relatively straight. Helps you keep the ball in play.
  • No more lost balls in the woods, no more drop shots. Helps lower your score.
  • The 3, 4 and 5 have a 0.5 closed face. This helps those who have a tendency to push or slice the ball.
  • Comes with high quality Apollo Shadow Steel Shaft. The Shadow's low Kick Point helps produce higher trajectories for improved distance and softer landings. Features the unmistakable tight step pattern design.
  • Standard black grip.
  • Compare features and performance with similar hybrids from Taylormade, Nike, Calloway etc. for $149 to $199 each. Isn't this a bargain? You get a High quality hybrid at a fraction of the price. Quality doesn't have to cost that much.
  • Perfect for golfers of all skill levels who are trying to bring consistency to their game.

Better equipment = Lower scores

Club # Loft Lie Head
Weight (gms)
Height (mm)
Volume (cc)
Flex Hand
3 19 60 242 0.5 closed 34 110 41" R RH

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