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111540 - Stan Utley "The Art of the Swing" Package
Condition: New . Warranty:90 days . $85.99

Stan Utley "The Art of the Swing" Package (Book, Rail, FREE DVD) - Packages...

Stan Utley "The Art of the Swing" Package (Book, Rail, FREE DVD)

The Art of the Swing offers priceless advice for transforming your game at any level.. 


Stan Utley - Packages

 Stan Utley - Packages Stan Utley - Packages Stan Utley - Packages Stan Utley - Packages

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BOOK: The Art of the Swing
Stan Utley's breakthrough putting and short-game strategies have made him one of the most sought-after golf instructors in America. Over the years, he has noticed an added benefit to short-game enhancement: mastering the sequence of motion for a putting stroke, chip, or pitch shot is an integral part of mastering a superb full swing. In The Art of the Swing, Utley introduces the groundbreaking new instructional methods that grew from this discovery. 

In this thirty-day program, Utley focuses on grip, stance, and posture for short-game shots, and teaches readers the new sequence of motion that will transform their swing. He puts additional guidance in their hands using a multimedia element: Readers can snap pictures of bar codes throughout the book that will tag original video lessons in an online library, bringing to life his winning techniques. Blending step- by-step instruction with anecdotes and examples from Utley's work with pro clients, The Art of the Swing offers priceless advice for transforming your game at any level.



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DVD: Learning the Curve

Designed to support Stan Utley's teaching philosophy, the Learning Curve System will condition you to be more comfortable, relaxed and athletic on the green. You'll develop the fundamentals of a free-flowing putting stroke as Utley himself teaches you to putt on the curve in his instructional DVD.

RAIL: EDGE Putting Rail 64˚ - STRONG ARC
If you like to bring the putter significantly inside the target line in the back and through stroke, then the 64˚ Edge Putting Rail is the ideal tool to train the path and shape of your stroke.

When is the 64˚ rail the correct one for me?
  • When you set up with your eyes well inside the ball, then a flatter stroke is the result.  The 64˚ rail is made for you.
  • If you keep your shoulders calm and your arms and hands are the power for your stroke, then the flatter lie angle will fit your stroke.
  • If your stroke flaw is taking the putter outside the line, then practicing on the 64˚ rail will help you overcompensate by bringing the putter inside the line too far.  Your stroke will naturally stop going outside the line, and find a middle ground of a slightly rounded stroke.
Called "the hottest instructor in golf" by Sports Illustrated and "golf's latest superstar guru" by Golf Digest, Stan Utley has a fresh, unique approach to teaching the "art of the short game."

"The first 30 minutes I spent with Stan, I learned more about putting than in the previous 20 years. No matter where I am putting from I feel likeI can make it. I was never thinking that way before."

- Rocco Mediate
5-time winner on the PGA Tour 


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