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113624 - Dynacraft Avatar Evolution Woods
Condition: New . Warranty:1 year .

Dynacraft Avatar Evolution...

Dynacraft Avatar Evolution

The Dynacraft Evolution tackles both of these problems.


Dynacraft Dynacraft Dynacraft Dynacraft

  • The Dynacraft Evolution series is designed for maximum forgiveness and these fairway woods are no exception. In recent years hybrids have taken center stage and rightfully so, but you hear very little about innovation in fairway woods. Maybe it is about time focus again about a critical part of your game that for many, require much needed help.
  • Fairway woods are vital for many golfers, especially beginners or the distance challenged which must rely on these clubs from longer distances to hit what looks like a tiny green from sometimes less than idea conditions. What you need is confidence not to mention the utmost forgiveness to give you that fighting chance to hit the green or get the ball close enough you don™t end up wasting another stroke.
  • The Dynacraft Evolution tackles both of these problems. How? Let™s start with its expansive head design providing the highest moment of inertia possible. Next, the shallow, variable face thickness creates minimal energy loss on heel and toe shots, and finally our variable crown thickness places weight extremely low and deep within the head for superior results. Watch your ball fly high, fly far and fly straight with the Dynacraft Evolution.
  • Shaft Flex: Regular
  • Shaft: Dynacraft Super Collider Graphite - Wood R/S
  • Grip Size: Standard
  • Grip: Karma Black Velvet
  • Ferrule: 1/2" Black Ferrule
  • ClubLength: Mens Standard
  • We can change length for juniors and ladies.
  • Perfect for golfers of all skill levels who are trying to bring consistency to their short game.

  • Right Hand and Left Hand

Better equipment = lower scores

Hand Club Loft Lie Weight Face Angle Face Height Volume Std Clublength Hosel ID
RH #3 16 ° 59 d 210 Square 32 mm 180 cc 43 in 0.335"
RH #5 19 ° 59.5 d 220 Square 32 mm 165 cc 42 in 0.335"
RH #7 22 ° 60 d 230 Square 32 mm 160 cc 41 in 0.335"




  • We can customize the shaft length, type and grips on this putter. If you have customization requirements, feel free to contact us.

Qty Part # Description Unit Price
113930  Dynacraft Avatar Evolution #3 Loft 16° RH
 Condition: New. Warranty: 1 year.
113931  Dynacraft Avatar Evolution #5 Loft 19° RH
 Condition: New. Warranty: 1 year.
113932  Dynacraft Avatar Evolution #7 Loft 22° RH
 Condition: New. Warranty: 1 year.

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