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115294 - GeoVision GV-1480A
Condition: New . Warranty:3 years . $924.30

Geovision GV1480-DVIP Video Capture Card for sale

Geovision GV1480-DVIP Video Capture Card

16 CH 480FSP PCIE Geovision Card (DVI Pigtail) Plus Free CB220D

Geovision, GV1480-DVIP, 16, CH, 480FSP, PCIE, Card, DVI, Pigtail, Plus, Free, CB220D, specifications, availability, price, discounts, bargains Geovision capture card hybrid bundle. Comes with a Free Geovision IP Camera


Brand Geovision
Model GV1480-A
Input Type DVI x 1 (Video); DVI x 1 (Audio)
Interface PCI-E
Video Input(s) 16 ch
Audio Input(s) 16 ch
Total Recording Rate 480FPS (CIF)
Display Rate 480FPS (CIF)
Video Resolution 720x480, 720x480 De-interlace, 640x480, 640x480 De-interlace, 360x240, 320x240 (NTSC)
Compression Format Geo MPEG4, Geo MPEG4 (ASP), Geo H264, Geo H264 V2
GV-NET/IO Card Support Yes
Dimensions 7.04 x 3.89 (in)
GV-Multi Quad Card Support Yes
GV-Loop Through Card Support Yes
OS Supported Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008
Free IP Camera GV-CB220 x 1 (2mp Cube IP Camera)

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