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225323 - Fenix Flashlights Remote Switch
Condition: New . Warranty:90 days .

The Barska tactical flashlight end cap pressure switch easily converts flashlight for tactical use. The remote pressure switch allows for quick activation for the various lighting modes. The coiled cord extends up to 38" inches for a variety of mounting options. Specially designed for the Barska 1200 Lumen (BA11630) and 2000 Lumen (BA12198) tactical flashlights.


- The internal switches in the pressure pad allows for quick activation for the various lighting modes by applying slight pressure.
- Flash light not included


- 22" inches minimum length
- 38" inches maximum length

- Compatibility:

- BA11630 1200 Lumen, LED Tactical Flashlight
- BA12198 2000 Lumen, LED Tactical Flashlight

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