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AVerMedia Focus Enhancements Generic SMC  

Image  Make/Model  Description  Part #   Price 
  AVerMedia QuickPlay Compact and portable PC/Mac to TV converter
Condition: New, Retail Box.   Warranty: 1 year.

  TView Gold Scan Converter 444-3700 This PC-to-TV video scan converter connects almost any computer to any TV, supporting resolutions of up to 1600x1280, in 24-bit color.
Condition: New, Retail Box.   Warranty: 1 year.

AVerMedia AVerKey iMicro Project any computer application on to a big screen TV or save it into a VCR. Start a business presentation, create training tapes, display animations, play games or surf the Internet
Condition: New.   Warranty: 1 year.

  Video Conversion Kit #1 SBT-TVFM TV Tuner Card Video Conversion Kit with SBT-TVFM TV Tuner Card. Convert VHS tapes to DVD.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

SMC SMCWMR-AG EZ Stream Universal Wireless multimedia Receiver. Stream audio and video wirelessly from PC to receiver. SMC Part # SMCWMR-AG
Condition: New, Retail Box.   Warranty: 90 days.

Focus Enhancements Tview Micro PC-to-TV Video Converter Must-have for mobile presenters. It is perfect for Internet "Video on Demand", DVD movies, demos, or anytime you require a quality VCR or TV-ready computer output. Compatible with all laptops and desktops with a VGA-type output connector.
Condition: New, Retail Box.   Warranty: 1 year.

  Cheese Box Takes any video source (video games, camcorders, VCRs, VCDs, DVD players or TV) and lets you see it on your VGA monitor.
Condition: New, Retail Box.   Warranty: 1 year.

  SB-3860 Video to PC converter Watch video on your PC monitor. Converts Composite Video and S video to a VGA output. Up to 1024x768 resolution. Switch between your computer and DVD, VHS, video games and more.
Condition: New, Retail Box.   Warranty: 1 year.

AVerMedia iAVerKey300 ProDV Computer-to-TV Converter is compatible with all PC, iMac DVs and PowerMac G3/G4 for various applications
Condition: New, Retail Box.   Warranty: 1 year.

  VideoView Video converter from video source to PC. Watch video on PC from an external source. Converts S video and composite video - VHS video signal to VGA signal. It can display standard NTSC or PAL image signals from a VCR, Laser Disk Player, VCD or DVD player and commercial gaming machines to your PC's monitor. Composite video to VGA converter.
Condition: New, Retail Box.   Warranty: 1 year.

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