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Motherboard Search Result
Part Number Make/Model Product Description Price
107821 BCM/QS440BX Slot 1 ATX motherboard. Supports PII / PII 233~850. 3 SDRAM sockets, 5 PCI, 2 ISA. Motherboard only. No manuals, cables or drivers. Email
108675 Gemlight/GMB-P6BIAK Slot 1 ATX motherboard. Intel 440BX chipset. Supports Pentium II 233 to PIII 600. 4 PCI, 2 ISA, 1 AGP and 3 DIMM slots. Motherboard only. No cables, drivers, or manuals. Email
108785 DFI/GCB60-BX Socket 370 motherboard with 3 ISA slots, 4 PCI, 1 AGP and 3 DIMM slots. DFI Itox GCB60-BX Email
108884 Asus/CUBX-L Socket 370 motherboard with 2 ISA slots. Intel 440BX AGPset. Supports Intel® CuMineTM 300MHz ~ 1000+ MHz CPU. JumperFree. 4x DIMM sockets for 3.3V PC-100 SDRAM. 2 ISA, 5 PCI and 1 AGP slot. ATX Form Factor. Motherboard only. No manual, cables or drivers. Email
109236 Tekram/P6B40-A4X Intel 440BX chipset. Slot 1 ATX motherboard. 1AGP, 4PCI, 3ISA slots. 4DIMM sockets. Motherboard only. No manuals, cables or drivers. Email
109318 Intel/MP440BX Slot 1 motherboard with Intel 440BX chipset. 1 AGP, 4 PCI, 2 ISA and 3 SDRAM slots. The Intel MP440BX was widely used in Gateway and other similar computers of its time. Motherboard only. No manuals, cables or drivers. 55.00
109612 BCM/DR737 Slot 1 motherboard. Intel 440BX chipset with 2 PCI, 1 ISA, 2 SDRAM slots. On-Board audio and video. Micro ATX form factor. 73.90
115416 Biostar/M6TBA Slot 1 Pentium III motherboard with 3 ISA slots. Supports Pentium II 233 to Pentium III 800 MHz CPU. Email
115467 EPoX/EP-3BXA2 Socket 370 Pentium III motherboard with 4 ISA slots Email

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