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Motherboard Search Result
Part Number Make/Model Product Description Price
115467 EPoX/EP-3BXA2 Socket 370 Pentium III motherboard with 4 ISA slots Email
115416 Biostar/M6TBA Slot 1 Pentium III motherboard with 3 ISA slots. Supports Pentium II 233 to Pentium III 800 MHz CPU. Email
109612 BCM/DR737 Slot 1 motherboard. Intel 440BX chipset with 2 PCI, 1 ISA, 2 SDRAM slots. On-Board audio and video. Micro ATX form factor. 73.90
109318 Intel/MP440BX Slot 1 motherboard with Intel 440BX chipset. 1 AGP, 4 PCI, 2 ISA and 3 SDRAM slots. The Intel MP440BX was widely used in Gateway and other similar computers of its time. Motherboard only. No manuals, cables or drivers. 55.00
109236 Tekram/P6B40-A4X Intel 440BX chipset. Slot 1 ATX motherboard. 1AGP, 4PCI, 3ISA slots. 4DIMM sockets. Motherboard only. No manuals, cables or drivers. Email
108884 Asus/CUBX-L Socket 370 motherboard with 2 ISA slots. Intel 440BX AGPset. Supports Intel® CuMineTM 300MHz ~ 1000+ MHz CPU. JumperFree. 4x DIMM sockets for 3.3V PC-100 SDRAM. 2 ISA, 5 PCI and 1 AGP slot. ATX Form Factor. Motherboard only. No manual, cables or drivers. Email
108785 DFI/GCB60-BX Socket 370 motherboard with 3 ISA slots, 4 PCI, 1 AGP and 3 DIMM slots. DFI Itox GCB60-BX Email
108675 Gemlight/GMB-P6BIAK Slot 1 ATX motherboard. Intel 440BX chipset. Supports Pentium II 233 to PIII 600. 4 PCI, 2 ISA, 1 AGP and 3 DIMM slots. Motherboard only. No cables, drivers, or manuals. Email
107821 BCM/QS440BX Slot 1 ATX motherboard. Supports PII / PII 233~850. 3 SDRAM sockets, 5 PCI, 2 ISA. Motherboard only. No manuals, cables or drivers. Email
107262 Tyan/S1867DLU3AN Tyan Thunder 2500 S1867DLU3AN Server Works (RCC) Server Set III HE chipset. Dual Slot 1, 100/133 MHz FSB, supports up to 8GB Memory, 1 AGP 2x , 6 64bit PCI, 1 shared PCI/ISA slot(s). On-Board U3 SCSI, Sound, LAN. Extended ATX / Horizontal EATX motherboard. REQUIRES TYAN APPROVED REGISTERED MEMORY in Pairs. 850.00
107235 Tyan/Tigercub 100 S1894SLA Intel 440BX chipset. Supports Intel II/III & Celeron up to 550 MHz. Slots: 3PCI, 1ISA, 1AGP (One shared PCI/ISA, 4 usable slots). 3DIMM sockets. Onboard audio. Micro-ATX design. Email
107229 Tyan/Trinity 371 (S1857) Tyan S1857 Trinity 371 Motherboard boasts a high level of system board flexibility by offering both Slot 1 and PPGA-370 processor support. Intel 440BX (100 MHz AGP set), Supports 32 to 768MB, With on-board PCI audio option and six PCI slots Email
107223 Tyan/S1837 DLUN-BX Intel 440BX chipset. Dual Pentium II / III Up to 500 MHz+. Slots: 5PCI, 1ISA, 1AGP (1 Shared PCI/ISA Slot / 7 usable slots). 4DIMM sockets. Extended ATX design. Email
107219 Tyan/S1833D Tiger 100 Intel 440BX chipset, Dual Pentium II, 100MHz SDRAM Support, 4PCI, 2ISA, 1AGP, 4DIMM sockets. Version B 225.00
107218 Tyan/S1832DL Tiger 100 Intel 440BX chipset, Dual Pentium II, 100MHz SDRAM Support, 5PCI, 2ISA, 1AGP, 4DIMM sockets. Email
107216 Tyan/S1830S Tyan S1830S Tsunami. AT motherboard with the Intel 440BX AGP Chipset. 1 AGP, 4 PCI, 4 ISA slots. Email
107214 Tyan/S1836DLUAN Thunder 100 Tyan S1836DLUAN Thunder 100 Motherboard, Intel 440BX chipset, Dual Pentium II, 100MHz SDRAM Support, 6PCI, 1ISA, 1AGP, 4DIMM sockets. Onboard Sound, SCSI and LAN. Email
107078 Supermicro/P6SBA+ Intel 440BX chipset, 100MHz front end bus speed, 4PCI, 3ISA, 1AGP, 3DIMM sockets. Supports up to 1GHz CPU. Onboard Audio. ATX form factor Email
107077 Supermicro/P6DBE Supports Dual Pentium II CPU's. Intel 440BX chipset, 100MHz front end bus speed, 4PCI, 3ISA, 1AGP, 4DIMM sockets, ATX form factor. Motherboard only. No cables, no manuals. 199.00
106832 Soyo/SY-6IBM Intel 82440BX chipset, 3PCI, 1ISA, 3DIMM sockets, Award BIOS, On-board Audio, On-board Video. Micro ATX form factor. Email
106831 Soyo/SY-D6IBA2 Intel 82440BX chipset, 4PCI, 2ISA (1shared - 6 usable), 4DIMM sockets, 1AGP, ATX form factor. Email
106830 Soyo/SY-D6IBA Intel 82440BX chipset, 4PCI, 2ISA, 1AGP, 4DIMM sockets, Award BIOS, ATX form factor. Email
106829 Soyo/SY-6BB Slot 1 Baby AT motherboard with 3PCI, 3ISA, 1AGP, 3DIMM sockets. Intel 440BX chipset. Email
106828 Soyo/SY-6BA+ III Intel 82440BX two chip AGPset. Intel Pentium III 450/550 MHz, Intel Pentium® II (233-450 MHz), Intel Celeron (266-466 MHz). 5PCI, 2ISA (1shared), 1AGP slots. 4DIMM sockets. ATX form factor. Email
106827 Soyo/SY-6BA+ IV Intel 82440BX two chip AGPset.·Supports 100MHz FSB Pentium® III 450/500/550/600 MHz; 100MHz FSB Pentium® II 350/400/450 MHz; 66MHz FSB Pentium® II 233/266/300/333 MHz; 66MHz FSB Celeron® 66~300MHz; 66MHz FSB Celeron® Processors 300A~433 MHz.· Slots: 5PCI slots, 2ISA slots (One PCI/ISA Shared slot), 1AGP. 4DIMM sockets. ATX form factor. Email

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