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How is the Length of a Golf Club Measured


There are several methods used to measure the length of a golf club. The method used most involves placing the club in the playing position with the center of the sole touching the ground. This is how we measure our clubs at Interloper Golf. A 48” golf club ruler is placed along the backside of the club with the tip of the rule touching the ground by the club’s heel. The final length is measured at the edge of the grip cap (and not the very top). This method is used in all cases except for putters where the shaft is not located at the heel.

In this method, it is critical that the lie of the club be positioned correctly. If the club is placed with the toe raised higher off of the ground than the heel, then the measurement will be less than that measured with the center of the sole touching the ground. Conversely, if the heel is raised higher off the ground than the toe, then the measured length will be higher. If not careful in positioning the club correctly you can easily be off +/- 1/8” or more.

How is the Length of a Golf Club Measured, how are club lengths measured,

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