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Which kind of shaft is right for me?


The following write up will help you select the right shaft.

  • The shaft is the engine of your club. It does not matter how expensive a clubhead you have - if the shaft is not right for your swing, the results will not be satisfactory.
  • Whether you are a high handicapper or a good golfer, you can play with pretty much any type of clubhead as long as you have the right shaft.
  • The faster your clubhead speed at impact, the greater the distance. To maximize club head speed and distance, you should play the lightest shaft you can without losing control. The key here is 'without losing control'. A 300 yard drive is of no use if it is out of bounds.
  • Ball flight is affected by several factors like loft, ball position, angle of attack and wrist position at time of impact. A tip flexible shaft can help increase launch angle while a stronger tip can help produce a penetrating ball flight.
  • Lighter weight shafts in general are more active than heavier shafts. All things being equal a lighter shaft will give you longer distance on center hits. It will be off more on off-center hits. Take into consideration how stable your swing is. The more stable and accurate your swing and swing path, the lighter the shaft you should consider. The more load you apply to the shaft at the last quarter of the swing, the lower the torque and heavier the shaft needs to be.
  • Newton's Second Law:
    Newton's second law is one of the laws of physics that applies to golf.
    F = m a
    I = m r2
    T = (m r2 ) A

    F=force, m=mass, A=rotational acceleration, a=linear acceleration, r=radius, I=inertia, T=torque
  • Moment of Inertia (MOI):
    MOI is the term applied to a clubhead's resistance to twisting when the ball is struck. It is more important on off center hits. If you hit the ball on the toe of the clubhead, a clubhead with a higher MOI will twist less as a result of the miss hit, creating a better chance that the ball will still go straight or at least not deviate too much from it's intended path.
  • Torque:
    Torque is a shaft's resistance to twisting during a golf swing. A higher torque rating means the shaft twists more and too much torque can lead to the head turning.
  • The longer the shaft, the bigger the head or the heavier the club head, the higher the moment of inertia. The higher the MOI, the higher the torsional load applied to the shaft. Therefore, if you are using a big head or an extra long shaft and have a high swing speed, you need to consider using a lower torque shaft to compensate for the extra load applied to the shaft.

Here are the shaft options we have configured for you.

Driver Swing
Speed (MPH)
Yards with Driver
Suggested Shaft Weight
Torque Ball
Shaft Flex
75-85 210 Apollo Acculite G45 47 7 Mid L
synchron zt featherlight zt graphite shaft with a weight of 60 grams and a torque of 6.5

For young boys and girls, seniors and ladies who may have a slow but smooth swing

85-95 230 Aldila VX 87 5.0 Mid-High R/S
aldilla vx graphite shaft 87 grams, 5.0 torque

For men and women who have a fast but smooth swing and prefer a heavier shaft.

85-95 230 Apollo Ultralight Shadow 62 5.0 Mid A/L/R/S
Apollo ultra light shadow graphite shaft, weight 62 grams, low torque 5.0 mid torque

For men and women who have a fast but smooth swing and prefer a lightweight shaft for a faster swing speed

95-105 250 True Ace Green Ghost 67 3.5 Low-Mid R/S
true ace green ghost high quality graphite shaft with a weight of 67 gms and torque of 3.5

For those who have a fast swing but not much control

105-115 270 True Ace Blue Crush 62 2.9 Mid R/S
true ace blue crush graphite shaft with a torque of 2.9 and just 62 grams weight

For strong hitters who really whack the ball

*A = Active (young boys, seniors), L = Ladies, R = Regular, S = Stiff, X = Extra Stiff

The swing speed to distance ratios above are not related to any specific driver or shaft. These are averages, i.e., an average person with this swing speed will hit the ball so far with an average driver on center hits. We hope you will do better when matched with the right shaft.

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